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Commonwealth Dentistry – Improve Your Smile in Minutes!

The best dental center of Florence invites patients for dental treatment. With us, you will quickly and painlessly solve the problems you have – cure tooth decay, restore missing teeth, and fix an ugly dentition using micro prosthetics or orthodontic techniques.

A wide range of dental services allows us to position the Commonwealth Dentistry as family dentistry. With equal success, we restore lost teeth to age-related patients, provide an ideal smile for young people, treat children with teeth – without pain and fear.

The clinic is constantly expanding, covering all new areas of Florence. We are sure that you do not have to travel far and spend a lot of time in order to get high-quality dental care. You can make an appointment with a dentist or specialist – an orthopedist, orthodontist, implantologist, esthetician – by phone or using a convenient form on the dentistry website.

Commonwealth Dentistry

Advantages of our dental center

The clinic is located throughout Florence, which means you can choose the most convenient dentistry in Kentucky.

The vast experience of our doctors amounts to years of successful treatment and prosthetics, as well as thousands of successful implantation cases. This allows us to provide objective guarantees to patients, to be confident in the quality of each treatment, restoration, implant placement, etc.

One and the same tooth can be cured in different ways – with different degrees of physical comfort for the patient, with different durability. The clinic successfully combines classic and innovative techniques to achieve a truly better work result.

We do not just set affordable prices for dental services, but give patients the opportunity to choose a treatment format that will suit them at a price. So, we have a wide range of filling materials, and the dentition can be restored both with classical prosthetics and with the help of high-tech tooth implantation on a turn-key basis.

Actions regularly held in dentistry make high-quality treatment and prosthetics even more affordable for our patients.

Dental implantation

Have your tooth been removed? Lost a few teeth as a result of an injury? Years brought not only life experience but also full adentia? All these problems can be solved quickly and efficiently at Commonwealth Dentistry. Come for a free dental implant consultation.
We offer excellent prices and work with various implant systems, choosing the best option for single restorations or complete implantation of turnkey teeth.

Dental implantation in Florence Family Dentistry is:

  • Individual selection of the implant system;
  • The ability to quickly restore one tooth or a completely bare jaw;
  • Maximum psychological and physical comfort during the procedures. Safe and effective anesthetics completely exclude the manifestation of pain during implantation. And compliance with the recommendation of the implant surgeon will provide easy and quick rehabilitation.

Diseases of the teeth and gums

The most common reasons for going to the dentist are diseases such as caries and pulpitis. It will not be possible to avoid going to the doctor, because these dental pathologies are accompanied by a strong pain symptom and can seriously reduce the quality of life. You can avoid them if you regularly visit a doctor as part of prevention and professional hygiene.

Caries treatment involves the treatment of the cavity, its purification from pathological tissues. It is important to understand that the sooner the patient comes to the doctor with a bad tooth, the smaller the lesion will be, accordingly, less filling material will be required, and the price of caries treatment will be minimal.

Same-day dentures Florence KY use effective diagnostic methods to accurately identify a problem tooth and cure it using every chance of preserving the pulp. Dentists of the clinic remind: severe throbbing pain is an occasion for urgent treatment in the hospital, otherwise pulpitis can develop into inflammation of the periosteum and provoke serious consequences for the maxillofacial area and the body as a whole. In our clinic, patients with acute pain will be provided with urgent dental care.

Other dental services

The importance of a beautiful and healthy smile in the image of a modern person is global. Ugly teeth do not allow a person to feel complete satisfaction with his or her appearance. If you have problems that you would like to fix, make an appointment with our dentists.

We will choose the option of correcting the dentition in accordance with the characteristics of a particular case:

  • We install veneers or lumineers;
  • We perform prosthetics with cermets or non-metal ceramics;
  • We will carry out the treatment with braces or other corrective systems;
  • We will whiten your teeth in a safe and effective way.

The dentists of Commonwealth Dentistry will eliminate any problems and realize any wishes regarding the correction of the dentition.

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We are located at 7348 US HWY 42, Suite 101, Florence, KY 41042

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