Dental Center

Dental centers offer the widest range of dental services:

  • therapeutic treatment (treatment of caries, pulpitis, periodontitis, art restoration, professional dental hygiene). Dentists recommend a routine examination twice a year. Only in this case, during periodic inspections, it is possible to identify problem areas in the early stages. The task of dentists is to maximize the life of each natural tooth;
  • surgical treatment (extraction of teeth of any complexity, dental implant surgery, bone grafting, sinus lift). Surgical dentistry is a branch of medicine related to surgery on soft and hard tissues in the oral cavity. The number of types of surgical interventions and methods of conducting them in the oral cavity is quite large. We offer you all types of surgical procedures from tooth extraction to implantation;
  • periodontology (therapeutic and surgical treatment of gum disease);
  • orthopedic treatment (removable and non-removable prosthetics, implant prosthetics, prosthetics using precious metal alloys, all-ceramic veneers and crowns with a zirconium oxide framework, and much more). Dental prosthetics is a long but necessary process. It consists of the following steps: sanitation of the oral cavity, preparation of teeth, fitting frames, fixing crowns. Prosthetics not only preserves the functions of the teeth but also solves a number of problems. You can correct the following tooth defects: size, shape, color, position, and others;
  • orthodontic treatment (occlusion correction in children and adults). According to human anatomy, teeth must be in the correct arc. But due to many factors, often, the location in the dentition of one or more teeth is incorrect, which leads to many problems with the teeth. In such cases, dentistry is designed to help correct the bite;
  • aesthetic dentistry (preventive dentistry, teeth whitening, and decoration with rhinestones). Tooth enamel loses its snow-white tint due to smoking, eating habits, taking medication, endodontic treatment or with age. White, healthy and beautiful teeth in our society are not only a sign of health but also a symbol of well-being, as well as a necessary element of successful communication. After all, a beautiful smile is always conducive to communication;
    dental implantation. Dental implantation is a modern, painless procedure for restoring a lost tooth, without damaging adjacent teeth. The procedure involves the introduction of a supporting structure imitating the root of the tooth into the bone tissue of the jaw;
  • comfortable children’s dentistry. Dental centers have a special approach to small patients. Give kids a fascinating journey into a fairy tale. Bring the baby to a center, this will not only help avoid problems in the future but will also build trust in dentists;
  • treatment using anesthetic aid.

Modern relaxation technologies are an excellent opportunity to conduct high-quality treatment when a patient (adult or child) is afraid of dental intervention. Today, in dental centers, thanks to the latest medical developments, dental treatment is carried out in a dream. Even after a volumetric intervention, the patient does not have unpleasant memories, and, as a rule, the subsequent treatment does not require the use of relaxing techniques.