Orthodontic Services

Orthodontic Services

Orthodontics is a direction in dentistry that is responsible for aligning teeth. An orthodontist dentist diagnoses the oral cavity, identifying the wrong bite, and corrects it. Since the services of specialists in this field are very popular, it is important to choose a medical institution that emphasizes quality and modern technology.

When working with patients, the doctor conducts a visual examination of the oral cavity, then takes an impression of both parts of the jaw. If necessary, he or she can prescribe an x-ray and an orthopantomogram to have a complete picture of the situation. After collecting all the necessary information, the doctor gives a general assessment of the violations and offers possible treatment options. The staff of Commonwealth Dentistry provides orthodontist services, and everyone can choose the most comfortable option.

Reasons for contacting the orthodontist

If you have jagged teeth or there are defects in taste, the doctors of Commonwealth Dentistry will conduct a full examination using professional equipment and carry out treatment using the latest technologies. This will not only give a pleasant look to the smile but also help to avoid oral diseases associated with the problem of hygiene due to the difficult access to all areas of the gums and teeth.

Types of orthodontic treatment

Dental orthodontists fasten removable and permanent structures to one or both parts of the jaw. A doctor selects braces that can perform one or more functions, depending on individual characteristics. Such systems can align both the entire dentition and its individual sections, make a change in the shape of the bones or the width of the palate.

The price for orthodontic services depends on the type of mouthguard or braces that are used for treatment. They can be:

  • metal;
  • sapphire;
  • ceramic;
  • self-regulating;
  • lingual, invisible.

The range of services for changing the occlusion extends to both the adult jaw and the children’s jaw when the first signs of abnormal tooth growth appear. Thanks to the latest generation technologies, treatment of teeth has become not only effective but also as painless as possible.

As you know, orthodontic treatment requires a long time. The whole process is discussed during the diagnosis. And the final result depends on how well and correctly it is carried out. Orthodontists calculate a natural line of the dentition for each specific case with the help of computer programs. The result will be an impeccable smile, as an indicator of good health and self-confidence.


Clinics in Florence provides treatment for the following complaints:

  • uneven teeth;
  • malocclusion.

It should be understood that the installation of braces and the latest devices for prevention allows you not only to achieve an aesthetic correction but also prevents diseases of the gums and bone tissue caused by difficulty in hygiene due to uneven teeth.